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BHS Logistics

BHS Logistics is a Danish family owned transport and logistics company founded in 1946 by the Studsgaard family. The company is co-owner of the largest distribution network in Denmark, Danske Fragtmænd and member of the alliances Nordic Chain and System Alliance Europe. The company is among the largest privately owned transport and logistics providers in Denmark and offer high quality solutions to the market and is regarded as one of market leaders within specific logistic sectors such as pharmaceuticals and wine & spirits. In 2012 the company reported a turnover of € 60 million driven by a very positive growth especially within the international activities.

BHS Logistics is a financial solid asset-based company with a fleet of 70 trucks and 280 trailers. Corporate headquarter is in Rønne on the island of Bornholm and the international branches are situated in Copenhagen and Aarhus which are the two biggest cities in Denmark. The company has 220 employees, operates 20.000 m2 of logistic warehouse facilities and is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO14001 and the full AEO.

The strength of the company lies in the solid asset-based strategy which allows full control of the processes and secure total product integrity to the customers and business partners. The company is acting strictly according to the core values: Reliability, Stability, Flexibility, Quality and Dynamic always focusing on tailor made solutions that meets the wishes and demands of the customers and business partners.

BHS Pharma

  • Services: Pan European primary LTL & FTL distribution of pharmaceuticals and vaccines. Daily primary service to all Nordic countries as well as final distribution in Denmark with dedicated trucks and vans.
  • Best transport conditions: Validated bi-temp and twin deck trailers, 24/7 real time temperature monitoring, interventioncontract with ThermoKing and Carrier, dedicated equipment, drivers, QA staff,...
  • Best cross dock conditions: MoH certified, 2 temp zones (2-8 & 15-25 deg. C), access control, temperature monitoring and mapping,..
  • Quality: Master SOP´s with internal / external suppliers, implementation of new GDP regulations 2013 on going.
  • Full control of the shipment from door to door.
  • More than 20 years of experience within pharmaceutical transport.



H.Essers is a premium logistics provider that offers customized and integrated transportation and logistics solutions across Europe. The company was founded in 1928 by Henri Essers and has since become one of the leading companies in Europe within major transport and logistics sectors such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and high-quality products. For the past 10 years the company has experienced a solid expansion, driven by organic growth and a number of strategic acquisitions. In 2012, H.Essers reported a turnover of € 393 million.

With 850,000 m² of warehouse space, a fleet of 1,150 trucks and 2,300 trailers, H.Essers is one of the largest and most successful logistics providers in Europe. The company has over 3700 employees across 32 offices in 11 countries in Western and Eastern Europe. Along with their headquarters in Genk (Belgium), H.Essers also has a strong presence in Romania.

The strength of the transport company lies in a solid asset-based strategy. H.Essers owns the transport fleet, warehouses as well as IT systems. This allows optimum control over all strategic processes, with a high level of control and flexibility that ensures highly effective decision making processes. This enables H.Essers to respond to consistently changing customer demands and shifts in the international market.

H.Essers Pharma

  • Services: Pan European Primary LTL & FTL Distribution of Finished Medicals, Veterinary Goods and API’s & Warehousing
  • Best transport conditions: validated bi-temp trailers, 24/7 real time temperature monitoring, interventioncontract with ThermoKing, upgrade to high security, dedicated equipment, drivers, QA staff,...
  • Best cross dock conditions: MoH certified, 2 temp zones (2-8°C & 15-25°C), acces control, temperature monitoring and mapping,...
  • Quality: Master SOP’s with internal / external suppliers , implementation new regulations GDP 2013 on going,
  • Full control on the shipment from door to door


Nolan Transport

Established over 50-years ago, Nolan Transport has grown to be one of Europe’s leading transport companies, by understanding our customers’ different just-in-time transportation needs.

Our record of reliability stems from the daily, hands-on running of the business by the people who know the business best, the owners and operators!

We coordinate and monitor our entire fleet of over 1500 pieces of transportation equipment in real time, from our high tech European Operations Hub along with our regional offices located throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom and Europe.

In the past decade Nolan Transport has grown substantially which has allowed us to expand the services we offer. In those years we have achieved ISO 9001 and have also established a high tech research and development technology department. This allowed us to develop a number of software systems including a temperature monitoring system which allows us to monitor the most sensitive loads.

In 2012 Nolan Transport employees over 500 people, owns over 1500 transport units, carried out over 52,000 full truck loads and driven over 62 million km across over 40 countries.

With over 50 years’ experience in the transport industry, a motivated workforce along with cutting edge technology we aim to provide our customers with a first class service and full visibility throughout the transport process.

NolanTransport Pharma

  • Services: Pan European FTL & LTL distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and vaccines.
  • Best transport conditions: validated bi temp trailers, 24/7 real time temperature monitoring, intervention contact with Thermoking, dedicated equipment, drivers and QA staff.
  • Quality master SOP with internal and external suppliers, ISO9001 accredited with implementation of the new GDP 2013 regulations ongoing.
  • Absolute visibility & accountability door to door.
  • More than 50 years experience within the transport sector.


Professional Thermo Logistics (PTL)

Professional Thermo Logistics is a company founded in 2005 as a result of increasing demand in Poland and Eastern Europe for specialized services in transport and logistics in sectors such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, health care and high-quality products, requiring temperature control.
PTL is one of the fastest growing medium-sized logistics companies in Poland.
Today, the company employs 150 people. It services with a fleet of 84 semi-trailers and 6 combinations lorry/trailer and some vans for local distribution. The majority of the fleet is bi-temp, some combinations can handle up to 3 different temperature zones.
The team is driven by values as integrity, honesty and reliability. In an innovative and professional way we create tailor-made solutions for our customers, resulting in long-term relationships.


Gandon Transports (FR)

GANDON Transports was founded in 1953 and is based in the West of France, MAYENNE (53). From 1979 on, the company is specialized in the transport of industrial freight on pallets with a particular focus on the Pharmaceutical Industry. GANDON Transports, certified CERTIPHARM has 30 years of experience in the transport of pharmaceutical products and has a recognized know-how with Good Distribution Practice. GANDON Transports is THE specialist of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The company has also strengthen its position with a network of 8 PHARMA platforms all over France: Mayenne (53) – Rungis (94) – Cane (14) – Nonancourt (27) – Bordeaux (33) – Beaune (21) – Lyon (69) and Avignon (84).


Ralu Logistica (Balkan)

Ralu Logistika is the PLAN partner for the Balkan area. With presence in Croatia (Zagreb), Serbia (Belgrade) and Hungaria (Budapest) Ralu is leading integrated cold chain logistics services provider in the SE Europe.

RALU brand exists for 20 years and is a sign of superior quality, based on their expertise in international road transportation and in logistics operations, they have grown into a specialist in pharma logistics in their region. Ralu operates with a brand new, high quality fleet of 170 reefer trucks, all equipped with satellite tracking systems.



Founded in 1980, RANGEL quickly scored position as one of the most innovative companies in the industry, evolving and adapting our logistics solutions to business needs. Present in countries such as Portugal, Spain, Angola, Mozambique and Brazil, and with a global logistics network, we are specialized in all transport and logistics activities, moving goods from more than 220 countries.

As a global logistics operator, RANGEL offers a wide range of services: air, sea & road freight, contract logistics, international courier service, domestic express service, custom broker and fine art and exhibition logistics.

Always keeping specialization and innovation in mind, RANGEL has made progress with its clients and today is capable of giving tailor-made solutions for the clients’ different needs. Since 2009, the Pharma division of RANGEL is servicing a large portfolio of pharmaceutical customers. We take every opportunity to provide a high-quality service, adapted to every client.